RequestManager::add() — Method in class RequestManager
AbstractProcessorClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient\Processor
RpcClient::addRequest() — Method in class RpcClient


RequestManager::clean() — Method in class RequestManager
RpcRequest::create() — Method in class RpcRequest
Static constructor


RequestManager::delete() — Method in class RequestManager
Processor::decode() — Method in class Processor
Decode response
AbstractProcessor::decode() — Method in class AbstractProcessor
Decode response
JsonProcessor::decode() — Method in class JsonProcessor
Decode response
XmlProcessor::decode() — Method in class XmlProcessor
Decode response


Processor::encode() — Method in class Processor
Encode request(s)
AbstractProcessor::encode() — Method in class AbstractProcessor
Encode request(s)
JsonProcessor::encode() — Method in class JsonProcessor
Encode request(s)
XmlProcessor::encode() — Method in class XmlProcessor
Encode request(s)
EncodingClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient\Traits
EncryptionClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient\Traits


RequestManager::get() — Method in class RequestManager
RpcClient::getTransport() — Method in class RpcClient
RpcClient::getRequest() — Method in class RpcClient
RpcClient::getAutoclean() — Method in class RpcClient
RpcClient::getPayload() — Method in class RpcClient
RpcRequest::getUniqueId() — Method in class RpcRequest
Get request's unique id
RpcRequest::getMethod() — Method in class RpcRequest
Get rpc method
RpcRequest::getParameters() — Method in class RpcRequest
Get parameters
RpcRequest::getSpecialTypes() — Method in class RpcRequest
Get values marked as special type
RpcRequest::getId() — Method in class RpcRequest
Get request's id
Encoding::getEncoding() — Method in class Encoding
Get encoding
Encryption::getEncryption() — Method in class Encryption
Get encryption key
Protocol::getProtocol() — Method in class Protocol
Get RPC protocol


HttpTransportClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient\Components


JsonProcessorClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient\Processor


$AbstractProcessor#loggerProperty in class AbstractProcessor


HttpTransport::performCall() — Method in class HttpTransport
Send pre-econded request to server
ProcessorClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient\Interfaces
Transport::performCall() — Method in class Transport
Perform call using transport layer
ProtocolClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient\Traits


RequestManagerClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient\Components
RpcClientClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient
Comodojo RPC client. It's able to talk in XML and JSON (2.0).
RpcRequestClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient


RpcClient::setAutoclean() — Method in class RpcClient
Set autoclean on/off
RpcClient::send() — Method in class RpcClient
Send request(s) to server
RpcRequest::setMethod() — Method in class RpcRequest
Set rpc method
RpcRequest::setParameters() — Method in class RpcRequest
Set parameters
RpcRequest::setSpecialType() — Method in class RpcRequest
Set values as special type
RpcRequest::setId() — Method in class RpcRequest
Set request's id
Encoding::setEncoding() — Method in class Encoding
Set encoding (default to utf-8)
Encryption::setEncryption() — Method in class Encryption
Set encryption key
$Protocol#supported_protocolsProperty in class Protocol
Supported RPC protocols
Protocol::setProtocol() — Method in class Protocol
Set RPC protocol


TransportClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient\Interfaces
RpcRequest::toArray() — Method in class RpcRequest
Export request as an array


XmlProcessorClass in namespace Comodojo\RpcClient\Processor


Processor::__construct() — Method in class Processor
Build the processor
AbstractProcessor::__construct() — Method in class AbstractProcessor
Build the processor
XmlProcessor::__construct() — Method in class XmlProcessor
Build the processor
RpcClient::__construct() — Method in class RpcClient
Class constructor
RpcRequest::__construct() — Method in class RpcRequest