ArrayAccessTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\DataAccess
AbstractEventClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Events
ArrayOpsClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Utils


ConfigurationClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Base
Configuration::create() — Method in class Configuration
ConfigurationParametersTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Base
ConfigurationTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Base
$ConfigurationTrait#configurationProperty in class ConfigurationTrait
CountableTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\DataAccess
CountableTrait::count() — Method in class CountableTrait
Return the amount of routes loaded
IteratorTrait::current() — Method in class IteratorTrait
Get the current element
Manager::create() — Method in class Manager
Manager::convertToListener() — Method in class Manager
Manager::createFromConfiguration() — Method in class Manager
Manager::create() — Method in class Manager
ArrayOps::circularDiffKeys() — Method in class ArrayOps
Perform a circular diff between two arrays using keys.
ClassPropertiesClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Utils
ClassProperties::create() — Method in class ClassProperties
ErrorLevelConverter::convert() — Method in class ErrorLevelConverter


ConfigurationParametersTrait::delete() — Method in class ConfigurationParametersTrait
Remove (delete) parameter (property) from stack
ConfigurationParametersTrait::deleteFromParts() — Method in class ConfigurationParametersTrait
ParametersTrait::delete() — Method in class ParametersTrait
Remove (delete) parameter (property) from stack
$Model#dataProperty in class Model
DataFilterClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Validation
DataValidationClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Validation


Model::export() — Method in class Model
EventsTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Events
$EventsTrait#eventsProperty in class EventsTrait
ProviderBuilder::ErrorLogHandler() — Method in class ProviderBuilder
ErrorLevelConverterClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Utils


ArrayOps::filterByKeys() — Method in class ArrayOps
Filter an array by an array of keys
DataFilter::filterInteger() — Method in class DataFilter
Filter an integer.
DataFilter::filterPort() — Method in class DataFilter
Filter a TCP/UDP port
DataFilter::filterBoolean() — Method in class DataFilter
filter a bool.


ConfigurationParametersTrait::get() — Method in class ConfigurationParametersTrait
Get parameter (property) from stack
ConfigurationParametersTrait::getFromParts() — Method in class ConfigurationParametersTrait
ConfigurationTrait::getConfiguration() — Method in class ConfigurationTrait
Get current configuration
ParametersTrait::get() — Method in class ParametersTrait
Get parameter (property) from stack
AbstractEvent::getName() — Method in class AbstractEvent
EventsTrait::getEvents() — Method in class EventsTrait
Get current events' manager
Manager::getLogger() — Method in class Manager
Levels::getLevel() — Method in class Levels
Map provided log level to level code
LoggerTrait::getLogger() — Method in class LoggerTrait
Get current logger
Manager::getBasePath() — Method in class Manager
Manager::getLogger() — Method in class Manager
ProviderBuilder::getBubble() — Method in class ProviderBuilder
ProviderBuilder::getFilePermission() — Method in class ProviderBuilder
ProviderBuilder::getLocking() — Method in class ProviderBuilder
ProviderBuilder::getExpandNewlines() — Method in class ProviderBuilder
TimeTrait::getTime() — Method in class TimeTrait
TimeTrait::getTimestamp() — Method in class TimeTrait
TimingTrait::getTiming() — Method in class TimingTrait
TimingTrait::getTime() — Method in class TimingTrait
UniqueId::generateCustom() — Method in class UniqueId
Generate a custom uid starting from a prefix
UniqueId::generate() — Method in class UniqueId
Generate an uid
UniqueId::getUid() — Method in class UniqueId
Generate an uid (128 bit / 32 char random)


ConfigurationParametersTrait::has() — Method in class ConfigurationParametersTrait
Check if parameter (property) is defined in current stack
ParametersTrait::has() — Method in class ParametersTrait
Check if parameter (property) is defined in current stack


Configuration::isDefined() — Method in class Configuration
Check if a property is defined
IteratorTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\DataAccess
Model::import() — Method in class Model
Manager::init() — Method in class Manager


IteratorTrait::key() — Method in class IteratorTrait
Return the current key


Manager::load() — Method in class Manager
LevelsClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Logging
$Levels#levelsProperty in class Levels
LoggerTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Logging
$LoggerTrait#loggerProperty in class LoggerTrait
$ErrorLevelConverter#levelsProperty in class ErrorLevelConverter


Configuration::merge() — Method in class Configuration
Merge a bundle of properties into actual configuration model
ModelClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\DataAccess
$Model#modeProperty in class Model
Model::merge() — Method in class Model
ManagerClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Events
ManagerClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Logging
$ClassProperties#modeProperty in class ClassProperties


IteratorTrait::next() — Method in class IteratorTrait
Move to next element
ProviderBuilder::NullHandler() — Method in class ProviderBuilder


ArrayAccessTrait::offsetGet() — Method in class ArrayAccessTrait
Return the value at index
ArrayAccessTrait::offsetSet() — Method in class ArrayAccessTrait
Assigns a value to index offset
ArrayAccessTrait::offsetUnset() — Method in class ArrayAccessTrait
Unsets an index
ArrayAccessTrait::offsetExists() — Method in class ArrayAccessTrait
Check if an index exists


$ConfigurationParametersTrait#parametersProperty in class ConfigurationParametersTrait
ParametersTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Base
$ParametersTrait#parametersProperty in class ParametersTrait
ProviderBuilderClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Logging


IteratorTrait::rewind() — Method in class IteratorTrait
Reset the iterator
ArrayOps::replaceStrict() — Method in class ArrayOps
Replace items only if relative keys are actually defined in source array


ConfigurationParametersTrait::set() — Method in class ConfigurationParametersTrait
Set a parameter (property)
ConfigurationParametersTrait::setFromParts() — Method in class ConfigurationParametersTrait
ConfigurationParametersTrait::splitParts() — Method in class ConfigurationParametersTrait
ConfigurationTrait::setConfiguration() — Method in class ConfigurationTrait
Set current configuration
ParametersTrait::set() — Method in class ParametersTrait
Set a parameter (property)
Model::setRaw() — Method in class Model
SeekableIteratorTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\DataAccess
SeekableIteratorTrait::seek() — Method in class SeekableIteratorTrait
Seek $data to $position
SerializationTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\DataAccess
SerializationTrait::serialize() — Method in class SerializationTrait
Return the serialized data
EventsTrait::setEvents() — Method in class EventsTrait
Set current events' manager
Manager::subscribe() — Method in class Manager
Manager::subscribeOnce() — Method in class Manager
LoggerTrait::setLogger() — Method in class LoggerTrait
Set current logger
Manager::setBasePath() — Method in class Manager
ProviderBuilder::StreamHandler() — Method in class ProviderBuilder
ProviderBuilder::SyslogHandler() — Method in class ProviderBuilder
TimeTrait::setTime() — Method in class TimeTrait
TimeTrait::setTimestamp() — Method in class TimeTrait
TimingTrait::setTiming() — Method in class TimingTrait


TimeTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Timing
$TimeTrait#timeProperty in class TimeTrait
TimingTraitClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Timing
$TimingTrait#timingProperty in class TimingTrait


SerializationTrait::unserialize() — Method in class SerializationTrait
Return the unserialized object
UniqueIdClass in namespace Comodojo\Foundation\Utils


IteratorTrait::valid() — Method in class IteratorTrait
Check if element is valid (isset)
DataValidation::validate() — Method in class DataValidation
Generic validator.
DataValidation::validateString() — Method in class DataValidation
String validator.
DataValidation::validateBoolean() — Method in class DataValidation
Bool validator.
DataValidation::validateInteger() — Method in class DataValidation
Int validator.
DataValidation::validateNumeric() — Method in class DataValidation
Numeric validator.
DataValidation::validateFloat() — Method in class DataValidation
Float validator.
DataValidation::validateJson() — Method in class DataValidation
Json validator.
DataValidation::validateSerialized() — Method in class DataValidation
Serialized values validator.
DataValidation::validateArray() — Method in class DataValidation
Array (strict) validator.
DataValidation::validateStruct() — Method in class DataValidation
Struct (strict) validator.
DataValidation::validateDatetimeIso8601() — Method in class DataValidation
Iso8601-datetime validator.
DataValidation::validateBase64() — Method in class DataValidation
Base64 validator.
DataValidation::validateNull() — Method in class DataValidation
Null value validator.
DataValidation::validateTimestamp() — Method in class DataValidation
Timestamp (epoch) validator.


Configuration::__construct() — Method in class Configuration
Create a configuration object from array of values
Model::__get() — Method in class Model
Model::__set() — Method in class Model
Model::__unset() — Method in class Model
Model::__isset() — Method in class Model
AbstractEvent::__construct() — Method in class AbstractEvent
Manager::__construct() — Method in class Manager
Manager::__construct() — Method in class Manager
ClassProperties::__construct() — Method in class ClassProperties